CPA100 Compact Power Analyser

£369.00 (excl. VAT)

0.2% basic accuracy
300 VRMS (1000 Vpk), 16 ARMS

includes Free PC software (EPIC, download here)
includes USB 2.0 cable
includes C19 (input) connector
includes C20 (output) connector
includes Earthing lead
includes 2 year warranty

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Traditionally, power analysers have been expensive and heavy instruments – often difficult to configure and use, with connectivity as an after-thought. So, we set about designing our own power analyser to address these issues; it had to be headless (we believe the future of test instruments will be headless!), of a compact size, extremely quick to setup and use, and very affordable.

The result is the CPA100 Compact Power Analyser – available now.

Key specifications

  • 0.2% accuracy (basic V/I)
  • 300 VRMS voltage input
  • 16 ARMS current input

Key features

  • Internal current shunt
  • Dual current ranges
  • Simple connections to DUT (device-under-test) using IEC C19/C20 connectors
  • Straightforward PC interface using our free software (EPIC)
  • USB communication and power
  • Robust metal enclosure (with stainless steel front and back panels)


  • Product development
  • Production line testing
  • PSU development
  • Consumer appliance tester
  • Server benchmarking
  • Single-phase energy efficiency
  • Research and development laboratories
  • Education


The CPA100 measures AC and DC voltage at the output connector while simultaneously measuring the AC and DC current flowing through the internal current shunt (between input Live and output Live connectors).  Oversized low tempco shunt resistors reduce thermal effects on measurements – and an internal temperature sensor further reduces drift due to temperature changes.

Simultaneous sampling (at 4KHz) of the voltage and current waveforms, the use of a highly integrated AFE (analog front end) IC and a DSP to pre-process data reduces the overhead of the host PC running EPIC software.

All measurements are carried out and calculated in parallel regardless of whether they are being displayed. At present the following are calculated.

  • True RMS Voltage (VRMS)
  • True RMS Current (ARMS)
  • Active Power (W)
  • Apparent power (VA)
  • Reactive Power (VAr)
  • Power Factor
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Fundamental Active Power (W)
  • Fundamental Reactive Power  (VAr)
  • Harmonic Active Power (W)
  • Peak Voltage (V) – positive, negative, positive peak hold, negative peak hold
  • Peak Current (A) – peak hold, positive, negative, positive peak hold, negative peak hold
  • Crest Factor – both for Voltage and Current
  • Active Energy (Wh)
  • Apparent Energy (VAh)
  • Reactive Energy (VArh)
  • Elapsed Time – integration period for Energy calculations

With more measurement, triggering, display and logging functions being readied for future EPIC releases.

EPIC software

EPIC software from Electron Plus is free-to-use software that connects all our instruments. The CPA100 module within EPIC is designed to present all key measurement data to the user as cleanly as possible.

Simple to understand menus and intuitive features on the single page layout reduce the learning curve associated with a new instrument and reduces errors in measurement setup.


  • 2 year warranty on CPA100
  • 1 year warranty on calibration
  • 1 year warranty on accessories


Each CPA100 order ships with:

  • CPA100 Compact Power Analyser
  • C19 (inlet) connector [Schurter 4795.0000]
  • C20 (outlet) connector [Schurter 4796.0000]
  • Earthing lead (2M, 6ft) with suitable ring terminal (for rear of CPA100)
  • USB 2.0 cable (2M, 6ft)

Other cables, spare connectors, etc.. are also available to order, see accesories.


Input leads/cables
C19UKL – UK (230V) standard 13A mains plug (BS1363) to C19
C19USL – USA (120V) NEMA 5-15P mains plug to C19
C19EUL – EURO (230V) Schuko 16A straight mains plug to C19
C19AUL – Australian (230V) 3 pin 15A mains plug to C19

Output leads/cables
C20C13L – C20 to C13 (common ‘IEC’) straight female cable
C20C15L – C20 to C15 (hot ‘IEC’) straight female cable
C20C05L – C20 to C5 (cloverleaf) straight female cable

CONN217 – C19 connector
CONN212 – C20 connector


Product Summary


User Manual



Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 16 × 9.0 × 6.0 cm
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