About Us

We are Electron Plus, a small but innovative brand offering affordable, high-quality testing instruments meticulously designed and proudly manufactured in the UK. With over 30 years of passion and experience, our mission is to craft superior solutions that seamlessly blend precision with budget-consciousness.

At Electron Plus, our commitment to innovation without compromise is evident in each instrument we create. We understand the importance of technology that enhances your work without breaking the bank - whether you're a tech enthusiast, professional, or everyday user, our instruments blend quality, affordability and precision to elevate your testing and troubleshooting experience.

All our instruments are designed as “headless”, connecting to a PC for display and user interface purposes. This not only allows us to keep our instruments compact and more affordable, but utilises the processing and display power of the modern computer.

Almost all our manufacturing is done on-site at our facility in Suffolk, UK - we go from raw circuit boards, components and aluminium extrusions at one end of the factory to finished, tested and calibrated instruments at the other end. This allows us to guarantee quality and short lead times.

Alongside product design and manufacturing, we also write all our software in-house with all previous versions (including alpha & beta releases) available on our website for free.