Electron Plus software is built to work exclusively with our hardware; it is free to download and use with our products. As with most software, there will be continuous updates to add & fix features. Any and all feedback is welcome, and we will do our utmost to fix any problems in a timely manner. 

Our instruments use USB<>serial bridge IC’s from several manufacturers (FTDI and WCH). We suggest you download and install these drivers BEFORE plugging in your instrument. 

At present we test for and support Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 operating systems, however we regularly test on Windows 7/8. 

Note: In early 2022 we split our EPIC software into separate code bases so we can better manage our development stack, improve testing and make quicker performance enhancements & bug fixes. 

For ASA100, ASA101A, ASA200, ASA240
ASA24.001 (64 bit) - (latest version)
ASA24.001 (32 bit) - (latest version)

For CTL503 
CTL24.001 (64 bit) - (latest version)
CTL24.001 (32 bit) - (latest version)
CTL23.003 (64 bit)
CTL23.003 (32 bit)

For SPA100
SPA24.001 (64 bit) - (latest version)
SPA24.001 (32 bit)
- (latest version)
EPIC22.001 (64 bit)
EPIC22.001 (32 bit) 
EPIC21.012 (64 bit) – supports older REFxxx products 
EPIC21.012 (32 bit) – supports older REFxxx products 

Earlier versions available on request. 

USB serial bridge drivers 
ASA100, ASA101A, ASA200 and ASA240 use FTDI bridge IC’s 
Use D2XX driver (latest) available here: 
CTL503 and SPA100 use WCH bridge IC’s 
Use CH341SER driver, available here: