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ASA100 Analog Signature Analyser

ASA100 Analog Signature Analyser

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The ASA100 Analog Signature Analyser will assist you in testing, diagnosing and troubleshooting printed circuit boards without powering them (known as ‘power-off testing’).

Connected via USB to a compatible PC running our own free software, with the ASA100 you can easily capture, measure and compare known good signatures (from your ‘golden’ board) with signatures from your suspect board.

With the ASA100 we set out to bring the incredibly powerful technique of Analog Signature Analysis to engineers and repair shops at a super-affordable price.

Note: the ASA100 and ASA101A are functionally identical units, but packaged differently (the ASA101A also has two buttons which map to A & B in EPIC).


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Additional Information

Output Resistance

3 Ranges (100R, 1kR, 10kR)

Output Voltages

10 Ranges: +/-10Vpk to +/-0.2Vpk

Output Frequencies

7 Ranges: 10Hz to 1KHz


USB cable (1x cable included with purchase)


USB type B