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CTL503 Curve Tracer

CTL503 Curve Tracer

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The CTL503 Curve Tracer is a low-cost transistor (BJT, FET, MOSFET) computer controller curve tracer. Unlike other simple curve tracing units the CTL503 is designed to measure devices to 100V and upto 3A.  Four collector resistors (relay selected) allow the user to test the smallest of BJT’s and FET’s as well as extracting meaningful curves from larger TO3/TO247 packaged devices.  Limits on both peak test voltage and peak test current can be easily set to prevent exceeding device parameters. 

Pulse testing (80us/300us) is used to minimise device heating (this is typically disabled for smaller parts), a power limiter can be engaged to protect the DUT. 

Connected via USB and running our own free software (ASA, download here) the CTL503 is easily configured using a built-in wizards (for quicker results), or the user can adjust every instrument parameter to suit. Data from each run is automatically saved as CSV file and the graph captured as PNG. 

Connections to the DUT (device-under-test) are made via robust (4mm) binding posts on the front of the unit on the front of the instrument. 

Features & Specifications

  • Step generator: 0 to 20 steps
  • Current mode: 1uA to 20mA (4 ranges)
  • Voltage mode: -10V to +10V (using 270R gate resistor)
  • Offset function for both current and voltage generation
  • Step generator can cross zero (e.g. start at -10V and sweep to +10V)
  • Collector sweep voltage: 0V to +100V (or -100V), adjustable peak voltage to limit chance of damage.
  • Collector resistance ranges: 12R, 270R, 2K45, 27K
  • Peak collector current: 3A
  • Accuracy: >TBA
  • Powered via external (supplied) mains PSU, supplied with UK, EU, US and AU/NZ adaptors.
  • USB 2.0 connection to PC
  • Bright RED LED indicates HV generator is active, solid bright GREEN LED indicates unit is connected.


Each CTL503 calibrated If recalibration/adjustment is necessary it is simply done through the ASA software (you will need a DMM with voltage and current measurement ability and either 4 known resistors or the supplied calibration token). 


1x CTL503 Curve Tracer 
1x USB cable 
1x Mains PSU (12V, 1.5V) with UK, EU, USA/CANADA and AUS/NZ adaptors 
1x CTL033 calibration (four resistor) token PCB 
1x CTL011 SMT token PCB (packs of 10 also available) 
please note: any test leads or devices shown are not supplied as standard.


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  • Collector Drive:

    • Voltage: +/- 100V, ramped

    • Resistance: 4 ranges (24R, 270R, 2.7kR, 27kR)

    • Measurement: Current, Voltage (between C & E terminals)
  • Base Drive:

    • Modes: Current (BJT), Voltage (FET)

    • Voltage: +/-12VCurrent: +/-25mA

    • Steps: 0 to 12

    • Resistance: 4 ranges (automatically controlled)
    • Measurement: Voltage (between B & E terminals)
    • Automatic clamping resistor (avoid negative compliance voltages in current mode)
    • Sample rate: 100Hz max.
    • Pulse mode: 80usec minimum pulse length
  • Power & Connection

    Connection: USB type B

    Power: 12V 1.5A adaptor (1x included with purchase)