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SPA100 Source Picoammeter

SPA100 Source Picoammeter

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 Our highly sensitive source picoammeter is designed for measuring and logging very small currents down to the pA range - making it an ideal instrument for scientific and research applications, including physics, materials science and electron microscopy. 

Full-featured at an affordable price, the SPA100 combines sensitivity, accuracy and stability to allow users to measure low currents with high precision as well as conveniently source bias voltages for experimentation. SPA100 also doubles as an ultra-high resistance meter, measuring accurately into the teraohm range. 

As with all our “headless” products, the SPA100 connects to PC via USB and utilises our complimentary software EPIC - enabling users to easily measure, graph and capture readings with timestamps and measurement stability information. 

Features & Specifications

  • Input: +/-2mA to +/-200pA in 8 ranges.
  • Accuracy and Resolution (2Hz):
  • +/-2mA range: +/-0.1%, resolution <20nA
  • +/-200uA range: +/-0.1%, resolution <2nA
  • +/-20uA range: +/-0.2%, resolution <200pA
  • +/-2uA range: +/-0.2%, resolution <20pA
  • +/-200nA range: +/-0.5%, resolution <2pA
  • +/-20nA range: +/-0.5%, resolution <200fA
  • +/-2nA range: +/-1.0%, resolution <20fA
  • +/-200pA range: +/-1.5%, resolution <2fA
  • Sample rate: 2Hz (18bit) or 10Hz (16bit)
  • Adjustable filter: 1 sample to 64 samples
  • Output voltage: -40V to +40V (in 1V increments), output resistance 2.7Kohms
  • Resistance Measurement: ~1Kohms to 40Tohms (e.g 40V source, 1pA measure)
  • Acccuracy: >+/-0.5% 1Mohm to 1Tohm
  • Powered via USB 2.0 (instrument uses upto 0.3A when in-use.


Each SPA100 is calibrated and adjusted in-house as part of our standard production test procedure.  Calibration values are stored within the instrument.
If recalibration/adjustment is necessary it is simply done through the UTILITIES menu in EPIC (You will need either voltmeter plus three known resistors, or a source of known currents (+/2mA to +/-200pA).


1x SPA100 Source Picoammeter
1x 2M USB cable
please note: any test leads shown are not supplied as standard.


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Additional Information

Current Measurement

8 Ranges: 1pA to 2mA

Sample Rate

2Hz to 10Hz max.

Source Generator Voltage

+/-40V (controlled via SW)

Current: +/-1mA


USB type B


USB cable (1x cable included with purchase)