About Electron Plus

Mission Statement
Our mission is really simple:

“Great instruments for Engineers, Scientists and Educators”

Now in 2023 we are expanding and making our products more widely available and also introducing new software improvements throughout our product range.

Headless Future
We design our instruments to be ‘headless’ and connected to a PC; offloading the display and user interface to a more suitable platform allows for lower cost, more compact instruments and considerably better displays – not to mention utilising the huge amount of processing power in the modern computer.

All our software is written in-house. All previous versions (including alpha & beta releases) are available on our website.  Our policy is simple – we intend that our software will always will be free to download and free to use with our products.
We regularly release updates that have new features, refinements and bug fixes.

Vertical Integration
We do as much of the manufacturing in-house as is possible; this helps guarantee quality and short lead-times. We have both surface-mount and thru-hole lines, a machine shop and calibration lab;  we go from raw circuit boards, components and aluminium extrusions at one end of the factory to  finished, tested and calibrated instruments at the other end.

Fast shipping & 14 day no-quibble returns
If it is shown in-stock on the website then we aim to despatch it within 24 hours (weekends excluded).
We also offer a 14-day no-quibble return policy – simply return the instrument and we will happily refund your purchase (see shipping policy for details).

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