Software downloads & release notes

Electron Plus software is built to work exclusively with our hardware; it is free to download and use with our products. As with most software, there will be continuous updates (as well as bugs/anomalies). Any and all feedback is welcome, and we will do our utmost to fix problems in a timely manner.

Most of our instruments use FTDI USB chipsets, you will need to download and install the D2XX driver from FTDI on your computer; we suggest that you do this BEFORE plugging in your instrument, we have included a link to this driver below.

Current release

for Windows (7, 8, 10)
Install_EPIC19001A.ZIP – EPIC V19.001A (release date: 5 Dec 2019)
CDM21228_Setup.ZIP – FTDI USB Driver 2.12.28 (

Experimental release

Install_EPIC19003.ZIP – EPIC V19.003 (release date: 11 Dec 2019)
Note: ASA descriptor issue fixed. ASA user selectable colours added. Single ‘settings.txt’ file implemented. Some CPA100 4A/20A issues.

Previous releases

for Windows (7, 8, 10)
Install_EPIC19002.ZIP – EPIC V19.002 (release date: 1 Dec 2019)
Note: CPA100 compatibly good. Some issues with ASA connectivity due to USB descriptor change in latest ASA batch.

Install_EPIC19001.ZIP – EPIC V19.001 (release date: 18 Nov 2019)
Install_EPIC19000.ZIP – EPIC V19.000 (release date: 13 Nov 2019)